Always put the important ones in the picture.

For this reason, we have looked into various video conferencing systems. Especially in larger rooms, we found that often either participants are cut off or the participants in the back are difficult to see. Also, most of our customers do not want to have to adjust and zoom the camera with a remote control or similar during the conference.

kamera steuerung


We have therefore developed a camera control system that automatically focuses the camera on the speaker. A high-quality Sennheiser ceiling microphone, which records crystal-clear and fades out background noise, "incidentally" determines the direction from which the speaker is speaking. The media control system, which controls the projector, lighting, volume, etc., can use this to control the one Panasonic PTZ camera with 20x zoom.Translated with (free version)

  • The camera automatically focuses on the participant who is currently speaking
  • In the case of fast-changing dialogue, the camera moves to the wide-angle position
  • If the other party is speaking, the camera moves to the wide-angle position
  • The system can be individually programmed for almost any application after consultation
  • No remote control is needed for camera orientation
  • How does it work? Our software records the data from the microphone and calculates where exactly the camera should point and how far it should zoom into the picture so that the respective participant can be clearly recognised.

IMG 0178 400This system is suitable for educational institutions and companies from every industry. Panasonic uses the system in its European headquarters in Wiesbaden and presents it to its customers throughout Europe as an extension to its camera solutions.

The camera control system we developed is also integrated in our meeting room at Pauly in Limburg. See for yourself on site and try out the system. Make an appointment with our media technology department.

The media technology team not only supports you with technology. We also advise you on all aspects of acoustics on ceilings, walls and floors.

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Download Crestron-Makro Audiotracking (zip file ca. 40 MB)

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